The Impact of the Workers’ Compensation One Year Statute of Limitations In Ohio

The cited article by Anthony “T.J” Jagoditz posted by The National Law Review reflects on past changes to the Ohio Workers’ Compensation Statute of Limitations. In October of 2017 the amendment to change the Statute of Limitations from two years to one took effect. That means that an injured worker in the state of Ohio must report their work related injury within one year of the date of accident. Law makers felt this change would decrease the amount of questionable claims being filed. More than two years later, we are now able to reflect on the impact that change meant for Ohio’s injured workers.

Prior to the change of the statute, the data shows that a majority (74%) of work related injuries are reported within seven days of the injury occurring. In 2018, directly following the change in statute, the percentage of injured workers who reported their claim within seven days of the incident actually dropped to 72%. While the change is minor, the change in statute seems to be having the opposite effect that law makers intended: to have alleged worked related injury claims filed sooner. Only time will tell if these findings will mark the beginning of a downward trend of early reporting of injuries in the workplace.