COVID-19 Forces Courts to Adapt to a New Normal

In the referenced Toledo Blade article, “Virus Forces Court to Change Methods for Dissolutions, Divorces”, written by Allison Dunn, she discusses the effect COVID-19 has had on daily court proceedings. At the commencement of the stay at home orders in Ohio many divorces and dissolutions that were in process at the time were paused. As time progressed it was apparent to the court systems that they would need to find an alternate way to resume court proceedings. Judges now preside over court matters virtually via telephone and video conferencing apps, like Zoom. This new “normal” is happening in most courtrooms across the country. Many attorneys are also having to adapt with how they interact with their clients. Judge Lewandowski opines that the court may find advantages to video conferencing that could be continued to be utilized in the future. Although, there are benefits to some court proceedings being virtual or remote, there are also drawbacks and issues that need to be navigated. Attorneys are unable to stand or sit next to clients during hearings or mediation. Which would make it difficult for an attorney to advise their client. One thing is certain, COVID-19 has impacted all Americans in some way and the court system is no different.