Getting a Marriage License in Ohio

In addition to being a personal relation, marriage is also a legal relationship. When getting married, couples must comply with the requirements set by law. A marriage license in one of such requirements and it officiates the marriage. After getting a marriage license, couples can enjoy all the rights and benefits a married couple gets under law.

In Ohio, the probate courts in each of its 88 counties are authorized to issue the marriage license. However, the application must be filed in the county where either of the to-be-spouses resides. If neither of them resides in Ohio, then the application must be filed in the county where the marriage will take place.

Other Requirements For Obtaining a Marriage License in Ohio

  • Both the persons must appear in person before the probate court where the application is filed.
  • Generally, the parties are required to appear together and remain present till the time the formalities are completed.
  • The parties cannot be “nearer of kins than second cousins.”
  • Both parties should be legally unmarried/ divorced. This means neither of the persons should be married to another person or undergoing the divorce process. A divorce decree must be provided if either of them is divorced.
  • The fee for the marriage license is set by each county’s probate court. It is generally between $40 and $75.
  • Persons between 16 to 18 years of age must obtain consent from parents/ guardians.
  • Each applicant must provide a government issued photo ID.
  • The couple must get married within 60 days of obtaining the license. The license expires after 60 days.
  • In Ohio, no witnesses are required to get a marriage license.

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