Ohio’s New Permitless Carry Law

On June 23, 2022, Ohio’s permitless carry law went into effect. Senate Bill 215, signed into law by Governor Mike DeWine, allows Ohio citizens to carry a concealed handgun without any permit. With this development, Ohio becomes the 23rd state in the United States to allow individuals aged 21 or older to carry concealed firearms without training or background checks, subject to exceptions.

However, this new law does not imply that Ohio citizens can carry a concealed firearm everywhere. They still need to abide by the laws applicable.

The new law does not have any residency requirement. This means that even non-residents present in Ohio will be covered under this law.

Qualifying Adults and Restricted Firearms

Under the new law, all “qualifying adults” are allowed to carry, possess, or conceal a handgun without a license, training, or background check, provided the same is not a restricted firearm.

It defines a “qualifying adult” as a person aged 21 or above, who is otherwise not prohibited from receiving or possessing firearms under any state or federal laws. The person should also meet the applicable requirements under Ohio Revised Code (O.R.C) 2923.125.

“Restricted Firearm” is defined as a firearm that is dangerous ordnance or otherwise prohibited under Ohio law. Examples of dangerous ordnance include automatic and sawed-off firearms, explosive and incendiary devices, high explosive compositions, zip guns, high explosives, blasting agents, plastic explosives, and military weapons.

Informing Law Enforcement

The new law removes the requirement to “promptly” inform the law enforcement about carrying a concealed handgun when stopped by them. The person is only required to inform the “first officer” who questions them about the gun. There is no requirement to inform subsequent officers post the first encounter.

Impact of the New Law on Employers and Employees

The new law permits employers to make and enforce workplace policies that prohibit individuals from carrying firearms to the workplace and employer owned vehicles. However, it does not clarify if employers can restrict employees from carrying licensed concealed handgun in their private vehicles on company property. (ORC 2923.1210).

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