New Concussion Protocol for Ohio’s Injured Workers

The cited article written by Roetzel & Andress and published by, talks about new rule recently implemented in regard to concussions sustained as a result of a work related injury. Prior to this new rule, there were no specific rules regarding concussions. The new rule states that any treatment within 6 months of a work sustain head injury would be authorized for payment. Only if the injured worker has documentation that the mechanism of injury is consistent with a concussion within six weeks of the injury.

This new rule is great news for those who suffer a head injury at work. That is because the sooner a concussion is diagnosed and treated the less likely the injured person will suffer long term effects. Granted, this is not true in all cases, every person and concussion is unique. Nonetheless, it is good to see that the Ohio’s Bureau of Workers Compensation is progressive and adopting new rules based on medical evidence.