Child Support And Custody In Ohio

Dealing with issues related to children during a divorce can be a painful process. Deciding who gets their custody, how the visitation rights and decision-making rights will be granted, and who will pay for child support are some of the important issues a couple has to deal with when going through a divorce.

After the divorce, the parent who gets to live with the child is known as the “residential parent” and the other parent is known as the “non-custodial parent.”

Best Interests Of The Child in Ohio

While deciding the child’s custody, the court looks at the “child’s best interests.” This means that rather than looking at what the parents wish, the court will make the decision based on the child’s needs. In Ohio, the term “custody” has been replaced with “allocate parental rights and responsibilities for the care of the children.” Some factors considered by the court include:

  • The relationship of the child with each parent.
  • The relationship of the child with his or her siblings or any other person that significantly impacts the child’s best interests.
  • Opinion of the parents on how they want to allocate their rights and responsibilities.
  • Desires of the children.
  • Adjustment of the child to school, home, and community.
  • Which parent is more likely to respect the court’s order and its terms.
  • The physical and mental health of both the parents and the child.
  • Previous failure of a parent to make court-ordered child support payments.
  • Previous involvement in criminal offenses related to physical abuse, sexual abuse, or neglect.
  • If either parent resides or plans to reside in another state.


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