Ohio’s Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Also Impacted by COVID-19

“Coronavirus Already Sparking Workers’ Comp Claims” written by Ed Gallek, posted by Fox8.com reflects on the emerging impact that the Coronavirus will have on Ohio’s Bureau of Workers’ Compensation in the months to come. Already the Bureau is reporting that 18 workers compensation claims have been filed related to COVID-19. Most of these claims are still in the investigation phase. In order for a claim to be allowed, the injured worker would need to prove that they contracted the Coronavirus at their place of employment. This could be hard to prove since the virus is so contagious and can be contracted while out shopping or interacting with the general public. Stephanie McCloud, the Administrator of Ohio’s Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, encourages workers that believe they contracted COVID-19 in the line of work, to file a claim, especially if the worker has a job that poses significant risk, such as first responder, nurse, or doctor. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney could be a vital asset to any worker impacted by COVID-19 in terms of bearing the burden of proof required to get this particular claim allowed.