New Options for Ohio’s First Time DUI Offenders

In the cited article by Stan Boney titled: “Ohio Law to Give 1st time DUI Offenders Another Option Than Having Their License Suspended” published by, Stan Boney writes about upcoming changes to DUI laws. According to Boney, these changes will take effect sometime soon. These changes will give first time OVI offenders the option between a license suspension or having a breathalyzer installed in their vehicle. A breathalyzer is a tool that can measure your blood alcohol content by your breath. A breathalyzer would then be wired to the offenders vehicle via the ignition, and in order for the vehicle to start the driver would need to blow into it and produce a score that shows that they are not under the influence of alcohol. The new breathalyzer also includes a camera that would sit on the dashboard to capture who is performing the test to confirm that the DUI offender is the one producing the test results. The DUI offender would have to pay the associated costs with installing and maintaining the breathalyzer. The estimated cost of installing the device is between $75.00 to $300.00. That amount does not include the additional $90.00 a month the offender would have to pay for monitoring. This new change to Ohio’s DUI law gives first time offenders options. An experienced attorney can help a first time DUI offender weigh the pros and cons of both punishments, and help you pick the one that benefits you most.