Coronavirus and Child Custody

In the referenced article, posted by, “Navigating Child Custody In the Time of Coronavirus” author, Matthew Villano, highlights the difficulties parents and children have been experiencing amid the Coronavirus outbreak. Specifically parents that are separated or divorced and have court mandated custody schedules. One major difficulty with trying to stick with the court mandated custody schedule is that some parents may be violating “stay at home” orders to drop off and/or pick up children. Not to mention the possibility that one parent is a front line worker or even medical personnel.

Some parents that have an amicable relationship have been able to make changes and be flexible with the custody schedule. Unfortunately, not all separated parents have a courteous relationship, and need the court system or attorneys to act as mediators to make changes to current arrangements. Most family court systems are not fully operational, only hearing “essential” cases. These essential cases consist of charges related to endangerment and/or abuse. Luckily divorce attorneys are still open and working and most are able to offer video mediation to help solve these custody problems during the Coronavirus pandemic.